SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Having purchased your website, you would want it to appear near the top of list on searches in Google, Bing or Yahoo. If you have a common popular name it may get lost in the plethora of results that a search of your name would bring.
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the business of getting your website a high ranking in listings on search engines. It is a tough competition as everyone with a website would like to be near the top. There is no sure fire way of getting to the top – indeed there are people hired by companies whose job it is to try and get the company’s listing near the top. It’s tough competition.

ActorCV doesn’t deal with this and if we did we would charge you a fortune! And our mission was to help those on a budget. So here are a few tips of stuff you can do yourself.

Chances are that your website will eventually get listed without you doing anything. Most search engines run programmes called WebBots that trawl the internet following links on websites and listing what it finds. If someone on a listed site already links to your site in any shape or form, the webbot will eventually follow that link to your site and voila, your site will be listed. It’s not a great way to be listed however it can take many many months and you end up having no say over your entry’s search words or description etc… You can manually submit your site however, though this too can take a few months to take effect so don’t delay.

To suggest your site to Google visit
For Bing visit

WordPress sites and free online web builders have built in SEO which helps immensely with this (though no guarantees) Another option is to pay for premium placement through the search engine itself, such as Google’s AdAware, where a link to your website appears on Googles results advertising network. However you should seriously ask yourself how, with what is effectively advertising your site to passing trade (and that means just anybody), can it really benefit your acting career. My advice would be not to bother with this method.