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First actor agency website

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Many thanks to Chris Ryman who put me in touch with his agent Eamonn Bedford, who has just set up his own actors agency in Covent Garden. With a list of forty clients and growing, Eamonn wanted a site that was simple and clean, whilst obviously up to date and functional. Using WordPress as a basis, we created a site that boasts just that. The site is also html5 based so should be good for the next few years for sure! Though designed more for desktop, it appears to behaving well on a few mobile devices including iPad too. Each actor also needed their showreels embedding. Using mp4, the video should stream at variable rate allowing for better picture quality on faster connections.

Not the only site I’ve been working on of late, but more news of that to follow.

Keighley Antiques

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It’s not always actors websites that I design. I have recently completed one for a friend who sells antiques as a hobby. They wanted to be able to showcase their collection and receive contact from anyone who was interested in purchasing said antiques. Using WordPress as a template, I helped set up this site on their own dedicated server space so that they could add, amend, update, delete antiques in their collection, in the appropriate categories despite having little experience with maintaining databases. Et voila. Simple but functional with, I hope you agree, a dash of elegance and sophistication to give a website that looks great and serves it purpose not just for the person running the site but for visitors too.

So remember, you don’t necessarily have to be an actor to use our service!

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Epsilon Productions

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I already did the professional website of actress Angela Bull when she approached me to redesign her theatre production company’s website. They have a new show coming out in early 2011 and so were keen to ensure that not only was the website up and presentable but also that logistics were in place for mailouts, feedback and updates. The new site not only boasts a great new original look and logo for the company which will be used through future media outputs, but also the ability to update the site for themselves from remote locations such as mobile phones and communal computers, and have those updates relate to their other online presences such as Facebook.

Check out the site at


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Recently revamped a site for actor David Kerby Kendall using WordPress as a base. Among some of its advantages it means that David can now access his site from any computer and leave posts and pictures on the site (rather like this one I’m leaving now) Visitors to his site can also leave comments. The site also uses a mixture of php, html, javascript and flash which gives it maximum versatility and compatibility not only across browsers and computer displays (ie notebooks, iPads, iPhones etc…) but the site can also include live updates from other presences you may have such as Facebook or Twitter!
ActorCV has created a personalised design for David’s site, but he can change the design anytime from a choice of thousands of free templates that are available already online. Whilst this may seem to make ActorCV redundant, it couldn’t be more further from the truth. ActorCV remains in the background to administer the site on his behalf and can customize existing code to suit his site needs.

The Twilight Ballrooms

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that whilst this new site takes form, other sites lie idle. Well, you’d be wrong. The new look Twilight Ballrooms website has recently been relaunched. The new look website has involved all my creative juices including not only great Flash design, but original orchestrated music, 3d graphics, animated page transitions, animated backgrounds, flickering lightbulbs…wow just everything. I hope you like it. Writing for a new short film for the site will begin in 2011. There are also four LIVE shows in Londons Piccadilly this November 2010 featuring real magic from magician Malcolm Marvelle – Master of Mystery and the lovely Rita. To book tickets and for more information visit . You can also follow the projects’ progress at my film making website Tranquility Base Presents, which is also sporting a brand new layout.

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