Prepare Your Media

You’ve searched high and low for something called a “format”, only to end up erasing all the memory on your computer! Well, here is a little “idiots guide” to what you need to know to prepare media for inclusion in your website.

A file’s format relates to what type of media it is; sound, picture, video and so on. Its format identity is often found at the end of the filename after a dot (eg “Soundreel.mp3” or “MainPicture.jpg”) or by right-clicking on the file and selecting the “Properties” option (“Get Info” on Mac)

Most media can have its format converted but if you want to avoid delay and additional cost, it’s best to submit it in a popular format.


– .jpg .jpeg .bmp .png .psd .gif
(formats best to avoid .pdf .tif)


– .mp3 .wav .wma or standard Audio CD
(formats best to avoid .aac .iff .mid .midi .mpa .ra .ram .aiff .aif)


– .avi .mov .mpg .mpeg .mp4 .flv
(formats best to avoid .vob .rm .wmv .swf .qt .mkv .asf .asx)

If your media is on older formats such as VHS or Betamax, a showreel designer should be able to convert most formats onto a disc for you. Don’t have a showreel designer? Try these guys…(click on banner)