New app from Mailchimp

I have mentioned the brilliant website Mailchimp before. In a nutshell, it provides everything you would need to manage email campaigns including functions to collect and store peoples email addresses, design and send impressive looking emails and monitor what happens to those emails after you’ve sent them (whether they’re opened or if email addresses are dead ones etc…) on a thorough statistical level. And on a starter level, it’s free to use!
This site is ever expanding. Their latest exciting news includes the release of a free app for iPhone and Android users which allows you to monitor your latest campaign statistics whilst on the move. Fabulous stuff.

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Cheap Printer Ink website

A great little site I’ve used recently and thoroughly recommend is this one – Their website is easy to navigate and offers ink for a vast range of printers. You would be hard pushed not to find your printer there no matter how old it is. I’ve got an old Canon Pixma ip3000 (though I do pine for a new one – see my Amazon wishlist) A colour cartridge (and it requires the three primary colours so multiply the cost by 3) is usually about £12 per cartridge. At this website it cost under £9 for ALL THREE cartridges incl VAT and delivery. A bargain like that is worthy of a mention on this website.

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Cloud drive – accessing your files on the move.

ActorCV makes no secret that it recommends you buy your server space from – but before this post turns into a blatant free advert for them, I would like to mention a little upgrading they’ve done in their services. The most significant addition recently is the cloud drive. Basically you can set up a file on the server space who’s files you or anyone you give permission to can access and even change (depending on your settings of course). And you can do this from any Windows running computer (MacOS is on its way) or through apps for Android, iPhone or iPad. You can sync files on your computer (the software one provides basically copies the files you choose to the server), then access them later on, say, your phone. Or send someone a link (that can expire) to a particular file. It opens up a world of possibilities especially for those who work on the move. All cloud storage is included in your server space allowance.

Other new features that One have introduced include a Webcreator, Photo Gallery, Blog and a Multi Admin function that allows you to link all your accounts (if you have more than one site) together!

For more information about the Cloud Drive watch this video made by

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New Film Review site

Have set up a new film review site with my friend Susanna. We will both be co-administrators of the site (though we have our own individual login details). This is the first WordPress site I’ve co-authored and maybe we will have more contributors further down the line (many hands make light work). Not each contributor gets full access to the site mind. With a WordPress site, one can assign various different levels of clearance and priviledge to each individual contributor, so you don’t need to worry about someone entering the site and wrecking it by accidentally deleting things they shouldn’t. Good huh?!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, check out the new site. It has the snappy title of and the aim is to submit independant movie reviews weekly. Incidentally, the domain name costs $2,500. Whereas by just adding an “s” at the end (which I prefered anyway) the domain name only cost £20 including webspace and database! And that’s not the US/UK exchange rate doing it’s magic there, that is simple URL craft! Read more about choosing a good domain here

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Thumbs down for - A bit disappointing

I was really hoping that I’d be able to promote a new site I’ve found on the internet as a useful one for actor/self-promoter, but unfortunately my experience with them has been disappointing.’s quirky selling point is that it allows you to produce business cards or postcards etc…. with a different image on each card. Their website is easy enough to follow, though it is a little frustrating that even if you register on the website, it won’t remember your uploads. This meant that when I revisited the site to continue my order, I had to upload the images all over again.

However, it’s downfall came when it failed to turn up at the specified time. After waiting two weeks, their automated software (called Little Moo) sent me an email saying “We spotted a problem with your order and because we want it to be perfect, we’re sending it back to Big Moo to get printed again”. Then a week later, after I sent a request via their website asking to speak to a human, I got another response which actually said they were chasing up the order.

So, all in all, this meant I then had to wait a month in total. By the time I got the prints through (20 for about £15) the meeting I had planned with a client to showcase the artwork had passed and I was left a little annoyed and unconvinced that I had value for money!

So sorry but gets a thumbs down from me. Will let you know when I’ve found somewhere better!

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Keighley Antiques

It’s not always actors websites that I design. I have recently completed one for a friend who sells antiques as a hobby. They wanted to be able to showcase their collection and receive contact from anyone who was interested in purchasing said antiques. Using WordPress as a template, I helped set up this site on their own dedicated server space so that they could add, amend, update, delete antiques in their collection, in the appropriate categories despite having little experience with maintaining databases. Et voila. Simple but functional with, I hope you agree, a dash of elegance and sophistication to give a website that looks great and serves it purpose not just for the person running the site but for visitors too.

So remember, you don’t necessarily have to be an actor to use our service!

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A URL by any other name….

You don’t have to have one domain name. You can have as many as you like and have them all point to the same site. This website,, also owns When you type in the latter you are taken to the former. Try it.

Other than using your own name as a domain address, there are many other possibilities. In fact a catchy web address can be more memorable. And you’d be surprised what domains are still unowned! Indeed, sometimes purchasing a good domain name can be a good investment – many people have made good profit buying and selling domain names.

Here is a list of domain names that, at time of writing, are still available for purchase at quite low prices (average £5 per year though prices vary) These are just a small example of how phrases, terms and expressions can also make good domain names.


I imagine there are many more, but remember if you wait too long, someone else may buy it – and then they can name any price for it once they own it.

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New ActorCV Trailer

Not that there was anything wrong with the old trailer except for the fact that it starts by showing the year 2010. And considering we now have a brand new ActorCV logo I thought there should be a new trailer to show it off, as well as showing off the new sites that were completed in 2010 which the old trailer didn’t show. So here it is.

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Getting your theatre show listed

When you’re working on a budget, as is often the case when putting on a showcase or a piece of fringe theatre, there’s nothing better than stuff that’s free. When it comes to getting publicity an entry in a listings page, albeit small, is a perfect and free option.

Here are a few websites who will list your show/project for free.

Please comment below if you’ve found other sites you’d like to share, or to report broken links

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Epsilon Productions

I already did the professional website of actress Angela Bull when she approached me to redesign her theatre production company’s website. They have a new show coming out in early 2011 and so were keen to ensure that not only was the website up and presentable but also that logistics were in place for mailouts, feedback and updates. The new site not only boasts a great new original look and logo for the company which will be used through future media outputs, but also the ability to update the site for themselves from remote locations such as mobile phones and communal computers, and have those updates relate to their other online presences such as Facebook.

Check out the site at

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