Do it yourself

Naturally you want the best online presence for your career, but you’re on a budget. So a good plan is essential. And for your website that means knowing your options. We hope the following essential checklist is helpful in setting up your online presence.

  • Free Online Website Builders – Yes Free! Check out our recommendations for some great sites that will help you put together a site for FREE! Choose from 100’s of designs, build a shop, get it on mobiles, Facebook…. and it’s FREE!
  • Prepare your media – What should you do if you have old photos, VHS video clips or audio cassette reels you want to use on your website? Good preparation can reduce costs significantly.
  • Colour Scheme, Textures & Fonts – Most websites need a colour scheme of five colours minimum. Choosing colours that go well together isn’t easy. This section aims to help idea for design should you wish to create something yourself and a few sites that are great resource to achieve that.
  • Mailing Lists & Mailouts – Another problem solved and its FREE! Read more.
  • SEO – Improve your ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing & Ask.
  • Buying a domain and server space – Simply explained, this section will help you understand the basic foundations needed to getting a website started and how you can easily do this yourself!
  • Additional features for your site – From blogs to Tweets, this section explores the features your site could contain. Twitter and Facebook updates (indeed update both from your site)and connections to the plethora of social networks, as well as multimedia such as video etc…

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