Custom Built

This method involves much work and is, without doubt, the most expensive route to take. However, it does produce a unique looking website and something that will stand out from the rest.

A custom built site will involve one on one discussions with ActorCV. We will aid you in choosing the best colours, the best textures, the best fonts and the best layout. You may require a logo or corporate brand to use from letter heads to video idents. You are also paying for an original design so you can relax in the knowledge that no other ActorCV website will be like it! What about some original music in the background? The possibilities are infinite.

Here are a few examples of custom built websites by ActorCV

Angela Bull – Actress
False Impressions
Siri O-Neal – Actress
The Twilight Ballrooms

Here are some articles I wrote, on some of those projects, for this site.

The Twilight Ballrooms

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that whilst this new site takes form, other sites lie idle. Well, you’d be wrong. The new look Twilight Ballrooms website has recently been relaunched. The new look website has involved all my creative juices including not only great Flash design, but original orchestrated music, 3d graphics, animated page transitions, animated backgrounds, flickering lightbulbs…wow just everything. I hope you like it. Writing for a new short film for the site will begin in 2011. There are also four LIVE shows in Londons Piccadilly this November 2010 featuring real magic from magician Malcolm Marvelle – Master of Mystery and the lovely Rita. To book tickets and for more information visit . You can also follow the projects’ progress at my film making website Tranquility Base Presents, which is also sporting a brand new layout.

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