Colour Scheme & Fonts

Colour is important. Of course it is. Most websites will have a scheme with a minimum of five colours. This site uses five basic colours – count them. Any more than five can get a little too much on the eye. Some may say five is a lot and how do you get all five to go well together?
To help choose your colours, visit
An excellent and FREE site with terrific search facilities to help you find a combination of colours to your taste. If you find a palette you like, be sure to note the name of the palette (and ideally it’s URL) in your submission and not the individual colours.

Another colour site worth a look at is Canva. Their Design Wiki on Colors
teaches you everything you need to know about colors, their meanings
and the color combinations that will hopefully give inspiration to
your site design!

Similarly offers the same but for textures. Their library is still quite small but they do have great examples of how textures can be featured in a website. For one of the largest collections of textures online visit CG Textures. Again be sure to note the precise label of the texture you like to avoid losing it in the vast library.

And what about the font. Check out what you like at sites like Abstract Fonts or another I like, FontSquirrel.  Again, be sure to note the name of your font to identify from the thousands available.