Build your own website

You have several options to build your own website for free. It can seem daunting, but it’s really quite easy and can get addictive as you tweak and faff for perfection. Here are some of your options to get you started.

A WordPress site is free and has a massive community behind it who provide free themes, plugins (features for your website) and lots of tech support and forums to help you when you get stuck. To get started simply visit has features that start with a “Free forever” option and then gradually increase with monthly subscriptions if you want more advanced stuff

For the more adventurous of you visit Webflow which boasts an impressive level of control of the smallest of details. It would help if you had a savvy knowledge of things like html, css, ssl etc… before you attempt this option

Glossary of common web-design terminology.

  • HTML – Hypertext Markup Language is the basic coding used to create a website that works on all desktop browsers and mobile devices
  • CSS – Cascading Style Sheet – The code used to design the look of a website (colours, fonts, layout etc…)
  • Responsive Design – This means a website has been designed to alter it’s layout depending on the device it is being viewed on. For example, text may be a differnet size and layout when viewed on the smaller screen of a mobile phone as opposed to a laptop.
  • Hosting – Your website has to live somewhere. They usually live on a server, a computer that can be accessible by anyone over the internet. Many companies will give you free space on their server to host your website.

If you wish to host your own website and would like advise on purchasing webspace, mySQL database and personlised domain names, then click here