Additional Features

Stop right there. You thought a website would just be well presented CV. Well it is. But it can also be so much more. After all this is the internet. You may already have other presences online such as Facebook or Twitter. Why not link your site to these and show live updates? Well you can. What about having your video showreel on the page? Or a gallery of photos? Again, with an  ActorCV website, you can!

For example, here is a link to ActorCV’s Twitter Account. This widget will display your latest updates. Alas ActorCV has no friends and it’s Twitter updates are few and far between, as you can see!
Tranquility Base Presents

Promote your Page too
And here’s an example of a Facebook Badge. This one links directly to a fan page! Clicking it will take you straight to the page.


This “Add Any” widget allows users to share the webpage with a huge variety of social applications. Try clicking on it to see it work!

Stream videos on your site, even if they’re YouTube or other online videos (As long as you have permission to do so)
There are many ways in which to display a gallery of photos. Search for ideas here. One feature on many galleries is called a “lightbox”. (What’s that?) Click one of the pictures above for an example.