Showreels Galore

I’m hoping to give the site a major update soon, but things are very bus in the biz! I can now say I have over 50 clients whose showreels I have not only done but am helping to maintain as more work starts flooding in for the clients. An up to date showreel is essential especially as advances in technology can really make a reel look old quite quickly, widescreen, full HD and more recently 4k. (Don’t bother getting a showreel in 3D however! lol)

What’s been exciting about the showreel editing is that much of the work has been from word of mouth. I am so pleased past clients have been recommending me to fellow actors. It means that the work has been aplenty of late but alas this website has become neglected.

Please be patient, I will be returning with some great tips and useful freebies that you can find online!