Contact SheetI type out a lot of CV’s for other actors. This week I’m doing the webpages for an agent with 22 clients. So as you can imagine I’m more than familiar with the trends and fashions that actors are adopting. The last 2 years has without doubt seen one of the biggest transformations in that many actors are now using colour photos for their headshot instead of the traditional black and white. Digital publishing is becoming the staple for the younger generations of agents and casting directors who are sweeping away the old dusty protocols of their predecessors. Given the huge amount of television and film casting that there is now (compared to 20 years ago) and the evolution of higher definition in these medias, who can blame them. And it’s not prohibitively expensive for the actor now to bash out 200 or so colour 10 by 8s.

If you’re looking to do a new batch of headshot you can now check out the photographers own website and samples of work. As always ActorCV can help you out there. Check our list of photographers whom we rate on our links page.