The One-Minute Showreel

Time is money, none more so for a casting director. They do not have time to sit through the full ten minutes of your showreel complete with ubiquitous indulgent montage (though there is a time and place for a montage, it is not at the start of your showreel). In this day and age where a click of a mouse is the equivalent of shouting “NEXT”, an actor needs to know how to make a good an impression quickly, succinctly and effectively.

It was a mate of mine, Chris Ryman, who mentioned that over in Hollywood where he’s recently started working, CD’s are big fans of the 1-Minute Showreel. A challenge for any editor worth their salt and I love a challenge! So here is Chris’ One-Minute showreel that ActorCV recently did for him. We also did longer versions which we may post later on.


[jwplayer file=”″ width=”600″ height=”360″]