Get a site that works on mobiles!

Siri O Neal WesbiteWhen I first started designing websites, one of my first clients was the actress Siri O Neal. She had an impressive portfolio and it was fun designing a website with such great content in it. This was over 10 years ago and was designed using Flash. A lot has happened in that time including the demise of Flash. (Yes it can still be found on desktop computers but it won’t be around for much longer.) And most people surf online using mobile devices which of course weren’t around 10 years ago. These websites require HTML5, not Flash!
Using the new Adobe Muse I was able to redesign Siri’s site to work just as it did and have different designs for both desktop, tablet and mobile! Not only does this look good but it also means that the navigation and feel of the site are vastly improved depending on whichever device you are viewing the site on.

ActorCV can do a similar custom designed site for you for just £150! Check out the demo here

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