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Free is the key – the mantra of ActorCV as we continue to advise you on great ways of getting yourself online for as little or no cost at all. And this new site, you will love!
We’ve reviewed many free web-design sites before and this is another. But the layout, usability and sheer ease of sets it ahead from the rest by far. The site is not only easy to use but contains an abundance of features, formats and functions that are essential for making your website interesting and versatile. You can design your own layout, slideshows, galleries with simple drag and drop. You can add audio, video (though you will have to upgrade for anything over 5mB), youtube, contact forms, google-maps, shopping cart, polls, surveys, social links and so much more – and if you’re feeling brave add your own html/CSS. I was so impressed I waited for a catch but there doesn’t appear to be one – I think the company make their profit from selling upgrades, domain names and other advanced features all of which are non-compulsory. The free stuff is more than enough.

Don’t forget, your website doesn’t have to be just for your CV. If you’ve set up your own production company or have other projects in the pipeline, you can do worse than setting up their own dedicated websites for free. And though I had to admit it, this site is a serious contender for WordPress’ crown and dominance.

So why not give it a go. You can easily sign in with your Facebook or Twitter details! OR check out the demo we did in under 5 minutes

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