Emailing large files (like video)

So the Hollywood producer you had lunch with has given you their email address and has asked you to send them your showreel. But hang on, the file size of your showreel is 1.6GB’s – huge – too huge for most email inboxes. How will you send them the file without clogging up their email box and making them a lifelong enemy because you have done so?


Two options. The first is to head over to – a free service that allows you to upload through them. They hold onto the file and post a link to it to any given email address. The time it takes to upload your file depends on how fast your connection is – as a guide, upload speeds are usually a tenth of your download connection speed, so large files may take an hour or more to upload. What’s great is that you can use it straight away without signing up or creating an account with passwords etc… though you do have to provide your email address.

The second option is to sign up to Dropbox. This is an ideal solution if you’re working on the same thing with someone else. It allows you to share a file or folder with as many people as you want, like you would on a private internal network. Those whom you grant permission to access the file/folder can change or update it – ideal if, for example, you’re both writing a script, programme notes or setting a rehearsal schedule that needs constant updating. Your space starts off as 2GB but you can increase this by 500MB for every successful referral you make to friends and colleagues. Dropbox can also be used via apps on phones and tablets as well as connected directly to your file manager on your computer, so there’s no need to keep logging in.

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