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Here’s a useful trick! So you’ve just been on TV and the production company have sent you a brief recording on DVD of your big moment. Ok, it was for 5 seconds and if anyone had nipped to the loo or put the kettle on they may have missed you. Much better to get a screenshot that you can stick on the gallery section of your site. But how do you save a moving image on your computer as a picture?

Easy, screencapture. Or screenshot. Whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same thing.

If you’re using a PC then you will have a button on your keyboard called “Print Screen” or “Prt Scr” or similar. When you press it, it appears that nothing happens. However, it actually copies an image of the current screen onto your clipboard. So if you open up a text or picture editor and hit paste, the image should appear there!

If you’re using a Mac then you have two options.

  • Hold Command-Shift then 3 to capture the whole screen. The image file will appear on your desktop.
  • Hold Command-Shift then 4 to get a cross-hair cursor. Clickhold and drag to select an area. Releasing will take the snapshot, again saved to your desktop.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, hold down the round button at the bottom of the screen and click the on/off button at the top. This will take a screenshot and save it in your Gallery. Similarly with a Kindle Fire, simultaneously press Power+Volume Down.

Good to know & another useful tip.

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