Cloud drive – accessing your files on the move.

ActorCV makes no secret that it recommends you buy your server space from – but before this post turns into a blatant free advert for them, I would like to mention a little upgrading they’ve done in their services. The most significant addition recently is the cloud drive. Basically you can set up a file on the server space who’s files you or anyone you give permission to can access and even change (depending on your settings of course). And you can do this from any Windows running computer (MacOS is on its way) or through apps for Android, iPhone or iPad. You can sync files on your computer (the software one provides basically copies the files you choose to the server), then access them later on, say, your phone. Or send someone a link (that can expire) to a particular file. It opens up a world of possibilities especially for those who work on the move. All cloud storage is included in your server space allowance.

Other new features that One have introduced include a Webcreator, Photo Gallery, Blog and a Multi Admin function that allows you to link all your accounts (if you have more than one site) together!

For more information about the Cloud Drive watch this video made by

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