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Have set up a new film review site with my friend Susanna. We will both be co-administrators of the site (though we have our own individual login details). This is the first WordPress site I’ve co-authored and maybe we will have more contributors further down the line (many hands make light work). Not each contributor gets full access to the site mind. With a WordPress site, one can assign various different levels of clearance and priviledge to each individual contributor, so you don’t need to worry about someone entering the site and wrecking it by accidentally deleting things they shouldn’t.¬†Good huh?!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, check out the new site. It has the snappy title of and the aim is to submit independant movie reviews weekly. Incidentally, the domain name costs $2,500. Whereas by just adding an “s” at the end (which I prefered anyway) the domain name only cost ¬£20 including webspace and database! And that’s not the US/UK exchange rate doing it’s magic there, that is simple URL craft! Read more about choosing a good domain here

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