Thumbs down for - A bit disappointing

I was really hoping that I’d be able to promote a new site I’ve found on the internet as a useful one for actor/self-promoter, but unfortunately my experience with them has been disappointing.’s quirky selling point is that it allows you to produce business cards or postcards etc…. with a different image on each card. Their website is easy enough to follow, though it is a little frustrating that even if you register on the website, it won’t remember your uploads. This meant that when I revisited the site to continue my order, I had to upload the images all over again.

However, it’s downfall came when it failed to turn up at the specified time. After waiting two weeks, their automated software (called Little Moo) sent me an email saying “We spotted a problem with your order and because we want it to be perfect, we’re sending it back to Big Moo to get printed again”. Then a week later, after I sent a request via their website asking to speak to a human, I got another response which actually said they were chasing up the order.

So, all in all, this meant I then had to wait a month in total. By the time I got the prints through (20 for about £15) the meeting I had planned with a client to showcase the artwork had passed and I was left a little annoyed and unconvinced that I had value for money!

So sorry but gets a thumbs down from me. Will let you know when I’ve found somewhere better!

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