A URL by any other name….

You don’t have to have one domain name. You can have as many as you like and have them all point to the same site. This website, www.actorcv.co.uk, also owns www.actorcv.com. When you type in the latter you are taken to the former. Try it.

Other than using your own name as a domain address, there are many other possibilities. In fact a catchy web address can be more memorable. And you’d be surprised what domains are still unowned! Indeed, sometimes purchasing a good domain name can be a good investment – many people have made good profit buying and selling domain names.

Here is a list of domain names that, at time of writing, are still available for purchase at quite low prices (average £5 per year though prices vary) These are just a small example of how phrases, terms and expressions can also make good domain names.

  • www.actorswebpage.co.uk
  • www.actorandtheinternet.co.uk
  • www.theonlineactor.co.uk
  • www.actors-showreel.com
  • www.actor-showreels.com
  • www.actressonline.co.uk
  • www.actresswebsite.co.uk
  • www.onlineactress.co.uk
  • www.thescottishplay.co.uk
  • www.comedyactor.co.uk

I imagine there are many more, but remember if you wait too long, someone else may buy it – and then they can name any price for it once they own it.

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