Recently revamped a site for actor David Kerby Kendall using WordPress as a base. Among some of its advantages it means that David can now access his site from any computer and leave posts and pictures on the site (rather like this one I’m leaving now) Visitors to his site can also leave comments. The site also uses a mixture of php, html, javascript and flash which gives it maximum versatility and compatibility not only across browsers and computer displays (ie notebooks, iPads, iPhones etc…) but the site can also include live updates from other presences you may have such as Facebook or Twitter!
ActorCV has created a personalised design for David’s site, but he can change the design anytime from a choice of thousands of free templates that are available already online. Whilst this may seem to make ActorCV redundant, it couldn’t be more further from the truth. ActorCV remains in the background to administer the site on his behalf and can customize existing code to suit his site needs.

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